Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Hidden Dragons in America, Pompeo Warns

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo looked into the faces of 40 governors and warned them that China had infiltrated their states, he wasn't kidding. They're hiding in the shadows of our schools, our lobbying meetings, even our business dinners. And no one, he said evenly, knows it's happening.
"These aren't hypotheticals," Secretary Pompeo insisted. "We've allowed this to continue without a deep awareness from the American people." And what is "this," exactly? According to top State Department officials, we're talking about a massive network of Chinese communists fanned out across the country with one goal: penetrate U.S. security, education, and financial systems -- then, create chaos. "It's happening in your state," Sec. Pompeo insisted, "with consequences for our foreign policy, for the citizens who reside in your states, and indeed for each of you... The Chinese Government has been methodical in the way it's analyzed our system... It's assessed our vulnerabilities, and it's decided to exploit our freedoms to gain advantage over us at the federal level, the state level, and the local level."

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Central Asians cry out over China's secret detention camps

The "study camp" is believed to be one of the numerous extra-judicial detention centres set up in Xinjiang, holding as many as one million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities, according to estimates cited by a UN panel.

Doolotkhan's disappearance shows how China's vast dragnet has extended and now hits people with links to Kyrgyzstan, after similar reports emerged from distressed families in neighbouring Kazakhstan.

Last month Alymkulova and a dozen others formed a lobby group, called the Committee to Protect the Kyrgyz People in China.

The group has called for the Kyrgyz government, which depends heavily on Chinese economic assistance, to press Beijing about the camps in Xinjiang.

Chinese officials have described the camps as "vocational education centres" for people who appear to be drawn towards Islamist extremism and separatism.

But human rights activists say members of China's Muslim minorities are being held involuntarily for transgressions such as wearing long beards and face veils.

Rights groups say the region has become a police state.

US sportswear traced to factory in China's internment camps

The rulers of China see humans as little more than chattle. And certain groups in the U.S. are still upset over stuff that happened more than 150 years ago. Wake up and realize how good we have it here! The "global" economy isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Behind locked gates, men and women are sewing sportswear that can end up on U.S. college campuses and sports teams.

This is one of a growing number of internment camps in the Xinjiang region, where by some estimates 1 million Muslims are detained, forced to give up their language and their religion and subject to political indoctrination. Now, the Chinese government is also forcing some detainees to work in manufacturing and food industries. Some of them are within the internment camps; others are privately owned, state-subsidized factories where detainees are sent once they are released.

The Associated Press has tracked recent, ongoing shipments from one such factory inside an internment camp to Badger Sportswear, a leading supplier in Statesville, North Carolina. The shipments show how difficult it is to stop products made with forced labor from getting into the global supply chain, even though such imports are illegal in the U.S."

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Christians 'Standing in the Way' of China's Xi Jinping's Totalitarian Rule

"December 18, 1978, was an important day to be remembered in the history of the Chinese nation," Xi added, saying that it marked the "start of a great journey of reform, opening-up and socialist modernization."

But unlike Deng Xiaoping, who helped launch the country's reforms 40 years ago and wanted to reduce the power and influence of the Communist Party over civil society, China's current leader believes in the absolute power of the Party and wants his government to exert control over every aspect of Chinese life.

Since coming to power in 2012, Xi has severely cracked down on human rights, religious freedom and freedom of expression. Christians are experiencing some of the worst persecution in decades.

"Under President Xi, the government has further tightened control over Christianity in its broad efforts to "Sinicize" religion or "adopt Chinese characteristics," Human Rights Watch said in a statement.  "In other words, to ensure that religious groups support the government and the Communist Party."

Christians are not alone. Muslims, Buddhists and other faith groups are also coming under intense scrutiny.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Organs Seized From Uyghurs

"A "high" number of Uyghurs, including youngsters seized by security forces following ethnic unrest in China's Xinjiang region, may have become victims of forced organ harvesting, according to an independent researcher.

Ethan Gutmann said that the forced disappearance of hundreds of Uyghur men and boys following the 2009 ethnic riots in Xinjiang's capital Urumqi "should be of great concern to the world no matter what else may be occurring."

"But I suspect it goes further than that," Gutmann, an expert at the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told RFA's Uyghur Service when asked about the possibility that many ordinary Uyghurs, apart from political prisoners, would have been victims of forced organ harvesting."

Prague mayor: Why we fly the Tibetan flag over City Hall

His advice is wrong though - they SHOULD severe economic ties with China.

"The reason for Beijing's decision to rescind the invitations was clear. Since I was elected mayor of the Czech capital in 2018, I have worked to fulfill a promise to voters. I vowed during the campaign that I would return to our hallowed post-communist traditions of honoring democracy and human rights. By delivering on that promise, I and my government have prompted the ire of the Chinese Communist Party.

We have chosen to adorn our city hall with the Tibetan flag — which should not bother China at all, considering that its 1951 agreement with the Tibetan government grants the territory a broad degree of autonomy. Being a doctor, I have also publicly condemned the forced extraction of organs from members of the Muslim Uighur minority and other prisoners of the regime."


Mr. Smith Goes to the Mat in Washington

"...he's never seen anything like what's happening in China. "[There hasn't been] this kind of mass internment of millions since the Holocaust. Torture, rape, sexual abuse, forced abortions of women being held in the [concentration] camps." It has to stop. And he and the rest of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China won't quit until it does."

Just think if the USA had been in the economic bed with the USSR like they are with China.  Things would be vastly different in the world today - and NOT for the better.

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