Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grass Mud Horse

[The Chinese government is apparently attacking sites in the USA to test how
hardy they are. Innocent companies are getting hurt by their tactics.]

Government Behavior

The Chinese government is not only being deceitful with IP addresses,
they've also begun cracking down on a mechanism that lets its citizens avoid
the bullshit: VPN. Grass Mud Horse!

This action, combined with the DDoS floods, is beneficial to a government
that's intent on isolating its citizens from the free and open Internet.
They make it hard to get a packet out of China, but even if you succeed,
it's likely to be blocked by a server that's been victim of their DDoS.

On the surface, this seems like a good strategy for creating your own
private Internet: a network where no packets can enter the west or leave the

There is Hope

The Internet was designed to route around damage. While the ability to
withstand a nuclear war is a myth, the protocols we use every day were
created to be robust against infrastructure loss. Even when that section of
the network is the size of China.

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