Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nation-State Cyber Espionage, Targeted Attacks Becoming Global Norm

China unsurprisingly remains the number one most active and prolific nation
waging cyber espionage attacks, according to a new report, but threat groups
with ties to Russia and Iran--and North Korea--expanded their targeted
attack campaigns in the past year as cyber espionage and politically
motivated cyber attacks from various corners of the globe have become the
new normal.

Security intelligence firm CrowdStrike's 2014 Global Threat Report published
today showed how hacking last year became a popular and effective weapon in
geopolitical conflicts in emerging nation-state associated groups, while
gathering intelligence for economic competitive reasons as well as politics,
continue to fuel China's vast cyber espionage machine. CrowdStrike's report
also recaps the activities of several cyber espionage groups tied to Russia,
including Energetic Bear, Fancy Bear, and Venomous Bear.

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