Thursday, July 17, 2014

Details Emerge of Boeing Hack by Chinese nationals

Details Emerge of Boeing Hack (Govinfosecurity, 7/13/14)


Three Chinese nationals seeking to make "big bucks" broke into the computers of Boeing and other military contractors, stealing trade secrets on transport aircraft, a U.S. criminal complaint says. The criminal complaint, dated 27 June and made public last week, describes in some detail how the alleged conspirators patiently observed Boeing and its computer network for a year, and then breached the contractor's systems to steal intellectual property on the C-17 military transport. It also casts light on the free-enterprise nature of cyber-snooping, as the co-conspirators allegedly exchanged e-mails about profiting from their enterprise.


U.S. authorities accuse Su Bin, a Chinese businessman residing in Canada, of helping direct two other Chinese nationals in cyber attacks to obtain information about the C-17 and other military projects. The complaint says that Su, arrested last month in Canada, and two-unnamed co-conspirators, identified as UC1 and UC2, targeted information related to parts and performance of the C-17 transport and Lockheed Martin's F-22 and F-35 fighter jets.





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