Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chinese iOS devices fall prey to invasive WireLurker malware (Macworld)

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks said they've discovered an impressive
malware attack against Apple devices, which for now appears to be limited to
users of a Chinese application store.

The campaign revolves around infecting Mac OS X applications with
"WireLurker," which collects call logs, phone book contacts and other
sensitive information on Apple mobile devices.

The WireLurker attack is notable for how it leverages desktop Mac
applications as part of the attack on iOS. If someone downloaded a Mac OS X
desktop application from Maiyadi, WireLurker came along with it.

WireLurker then waits for when an iOS device is connected by a USB cable. A
second version of WireLurker checks if the Apple device was "jailbroken,"
the term for removing restrictions that Apple uses to prevent users from
running applications it has not approved.

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