Monday, March 9, 2015

Chinese Cyberespionage a Growing Threat

Government officials are calling it the biggest threat to America's economic
security. Cyber spies hacking into U.S. corporations' computer networks are
stealing valuable trade secrets, intellectual property data and confidential
business strategies. The biggest aggressor? China. Christopher Lew,
strategic analyst and president of Water Dragons Consulting, has spent years
studying this new wave of espionage, which experts say amounts to the
largest transfer of wealth ever seen - draining America of its competitive
advantage and its economic edge.

While China uses all possible means to steal sensitive data from U.S.
government agencies and businesses alike, the growth of its state-sponsored
cyber-espionage operations is worrisome. Mr. Lew, one of the foremost
experts on Chinese espionage will examine that nation's methods and how to
defend your organization at the upcoming NSI IMPACT '15 Conference on April

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  1. Nice post!
    China has long denied such activity - and Xi at the news conference said, “China strongly opposes and combats the theft of commercial secrets and other kinds of hacking attacks.”
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