Monday, December 21, 2015

Has U.S. Cyber Pressure Worked on China?

Of course cyber pressure hasn't worked - except to have them publically say
something about it. Only fools believe that countries not founded on
Judeo-Christian ethics will follow agreements and statements made. Asian
countries as particularly worrisome b/c that is not at the heart of their
culture at all.

"The media attention surrounding a bilateral meeting on cyber-crime early
this month, however, revealed a contest of statements and leaks showing the
complex issues of cyber-space are only beginning to be addressed. In fact,
a close analysis of recent news stories, official releases, and anonymous
statements to media reveals a morass of competing narratives and versions of
reality. At the root of these competing views is the question of whether
the U.S. government has started to get what it wants from China. "

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