Monday, July 27, 2020

What China Has Done to Starve U.S. Hospitals of Key Medical Equipment is Unforgivable

China lied and people died. In December, China ordered its scientists to
destroy samples that showed they had a pneumonia-like virus on their hands.
They strong-armed doctors from trying to spread the word, kept medical staff
in the dark, and prevented new cases of what we know was the Wuhan
Coronavirus, or COVID-19, from being reported. And now doctors who tried to
raise awareness have vanished. Vloggers documenting the situation on the
ground have also disappeared. China allowed Chinese New Year to be
celebrated which led to scores of people being exposed. In all, some 5
million people had left Wuhan by the time the Chinese government got its act
together. It was too late. And now, their incompetence caused this pandemic.

The world economy has ground to a halt. And while we're dealing with this
nonsense, China has also reportedly tried to corner the market on personal
protection equipment which is essential for health care workers around the
world. The Trump administration is fully aware of the situation and is
mulling legal action. The New York Post quoted one senior lawyer said
China's actions concerning this alleged hoarding is akin to a first-degree
murder charge (via NY Post):

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