Sunday, July 20, 2014

An iPhone Tester Caught in Apple's Supply Chain

This isn't unique to Apple.  It is unique to Asia and another reason why we need to consider our investments in that part of the world - if we really care about human life.
Dhong grabbed a black-and-tan backpack holding his shaving kit, a single change of clothes, two Bibles (one in Nepalese, one in English), and three family photos. He said goodbye to his crying wife and daughter, then jumped onto a microbus on a loud and dusty Kathmandu road. As promised, the third agent was at the airport, holding Dhong's passport. He demanded money, but Dhong had nothing left to give. So the broker told Dhong to sign a debenture agreement promising to pay $400 more. If Dhong didn't sign and if he didn't quickly pay, he would lose the job. He had yet to start work, and already he was $1,000 in debt.

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