Thursday, May 4, 2017

Inside the Ring: China supercomputers threaten U.S. security

China is eclipsing the United States in developing high-speed supercomputers
used to build advanced weapons, and the loss of American leadership in the
field poses a threat to U.S. national security. That's the conclusion of a
recent joint National Security Agency-Energy Department study, based on an
assessment of China's new supercomputer called the TaihuLight. "National
security requires the best computing available, and loss of leadership in
[high-performance computing] will severely compromise our national
security," the report warns.

Supercomputers play a "vital role" in the design, development and analysis
of almost all modern weapons systems, including nuclear weapons,
cyberwarfare capabilities, ships, aircraft, communications security, missile
defense, precision-strike capabilities and hypersonic weapons, the report
said. "Loss of leadership in [high-performance computing] could
significantly reduce the U.S. nuclear deterrence and the sophistication of
our future weapons systems," the report says

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